Oh, hi there

It's nice to meet you.

My name is Claire Belle Freed (my heading kind of gave that away) and I am – again, as my profile suggests – a Copywriter and Content Writer, with a dash of on page SEO, a dollop of social media, and a heap of personality to go with it. I am an all-round word nerd and proud.

But what can I do for you? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

Well, I have worked in many different industries, including:

Fashion, lifestyle, marketing, SEO, graphic design, parenting, beauty, interiors, sustainable fashion, film, fabric, art, and a whole lot more.

This experience has allowed me to not only craft my own voice but has taught me how to change up my TOV (Ooh, lingo) to suit pretty much anything. From formal and corporate to friendly and relaxed, I have been there, done it, and come away with a novelty mug (I’m not a fan of t-shirts).

I also have experience in PR and have come up with some cool ideas that received international attention (and sales) for the brand (if you Google ‘Contrado Hairy Leggings’ or ‘Prince Harry Swimsuit’ then you will get a better idea.)

I also love writing full-blown features and articles for both print and online (you can have a look at some published examples on my homepage.) I have even been published on the back of an eyeshadow palette!

Now the important bit that helps you! If you need:

✨ An on-page SEO copywriter to help you put a voice to your brand

✨ A go-to word lover when you are too busy to write (or you just plain don't like writing)

✨ Help with crafting email copy and sequences to sell and connect with your audience

✨ Someone to help you with product descriptions, landing pages, or web content

✨ Someone to help you craft a converting sales page

✨ Help coming up with a tone of voice for your brand

✨ A proof-reader, ghostwriter, or editor

✨ Someone who can come up with cool, Google-worthy titles and blog ideas and format them in an ever so lovely SEO way

✨ A wordy gal who can work on your website and come up with some drool-worthy microcopy (don't know what that is? Ask me and I'll fill you in)

✨ Someone to help you write beautifully worded and shareable content

✨ Someone to help create a social media plan and the posts to connect with your customers (I also dabble in a wee bit of design, got to love Canva)

✨ Someone to help think up some cool campaign ideas

✨ Someone who can research and write guest posts for you (and help you get them placed)

✨ Or just someone to have a nice cup of tea and a chat with


As well as all things copy-related, I am also the world’s biggest (American) Office fan – please feel free to test me – and I adore Beyonce, probably even more than my family. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but she is definitely up there! I also drink more tea than I probably should, and I could live off sushi. Well, sushi and chocolate. Snickers preferably.

If you have made it to the end of this epic ramble, then I truly commend you, and I definitely think we should work together. Get in touch, and I'll stick the kettle on.