Claire Belle Freed

Oh hi there.

I'm Claire - a UK-based freelance SEO Copywriter and Content Writer, whose job is to write words that make your business sound AMAZING.

Because it is.

"When you sent me the copy, I could have cried with joy!"

One of my lovely clients said that when I sent her some sales copy.

"Please always be available when I need copy!"

Another of my clients said that. Things like this make my day.

And now I want to make your day.


By helping you with your copy and content needs. By helping you connect with your audience. Whether that is blog posts, features, and articles, creating content that your customers and Google will love, improving your website with well-placed words, or connecting with your customers on social media. 

So, whether you are too busy to write, or words aren't your thing, then why not get in touch? Let's create beautiful content together.

Do you need help writing words that will make people laugh, cry, or buy? Let's do this thing!

"I have found someone who can capture my tone of voice in writing. I can't overstate how high my standards are on this" - Richard White, Crosshairs Marketing

Want to see how I can help you, just like I did with Richard?

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite published pieces, from website copy and SEO product pages to newspaper articles and blog posts. If things like sales pages, emails, and ad copy are your cup of tea, then get in touch and I'll send you some delightful examples.

If you like what you see, then let's have a chat about how I can create captivating content for you and your business and help you unjumble your words.

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